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John B. Wyatt IV

Linux Kernel and former full-stack web development.

Bachelor's of Science, Computer Science & Engineering

You can see my skills, books, and projects below.

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A few recent projects of mine.

Wyatt Tech Courses

My former business: A powerful and feature-full video course platform built with Ruby on Rails, Stripe for CC processing, and Amazon Web Services.

React Frontend for REST News Site

A React frontend for one of my favorite news sites.

Chef Dotfile Manager + Tutorial

A powerful settings and dotfile manager. Easily rebuild and document your desktop with a single script. Packages, commands, dotfiles!

2D WebGL + WebAssembly Game

A fun touch Match 3 demo project that you can run in Firefox or Google Chrome.

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My published books on deploying Rails and WordPress with Chef. They are out of date.

Deploy Rails BlueBook
Automate PHP Deploys

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