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You can see my skills, books, courses and my new business Wyatt Tech Courses.



Here are just a few skills and accomplishments.

Ruby on Rails

Expert in Rails, including using Bootstrap, Devise, Stripe and ActiveRecord and ActiveMailer.

Chef (Server Automation/DevOps)

Wrote two books on using Chef to automate Rails and WordPress deployments.


Experience with making Android Java apps and using JavaFX with JPA to manage the database.


Dedicated in C and C++. Experience with Qt, SDL, and contributing a few patches to the Linux kernel.


Experience with Bootstrap customization including SASS (SCSS).


You can purchase my books on deploying Rails and WordPress with Chef below.

Deploy Rails BlueBook
Automate PHP Deploys

Wyatt Tech Courses

Wyatt Tech Courses is my own custom made video training site.

It has advanced enterprise features allowing a business to enroll an entire class at once and verify they have completed the course.

I teach Chef (server automation). I am working right now to add Linux and other DevOps topics soon.

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